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Uninsulated wires are produced by 2 typesA and AS in cross-section range 16
There is a steel mandrel in AS-type for for increase mechanical strength of the wires.
These wires are designed for transmission of the electric power in aerial power lines.
Type A (AAC)- acc. to standards (GOST 839-80, IEC61089);
Type AC (ACSR) – acc. to (GOST 839-80, IEC61089)

The wires are produced following types: PETV, PEE1-130, PEE2-130, PETD1 – 200, PETD2-200, PEEI1-130A (IEC 317-34); PET-155, PEE1-155-MEK, PEE2-155-MEK, PEEI1-155, PEEI2-155 (IEC 317-3); PEU1-155, PEU2-155 (IEC 317-200); PEFD1-180-MEK, PEFD2-180-MEK, PEFD3-180-MEK (IEC317-22); PETKD1V-180-MEK, PETKD2V-180-MEK (IEC 317-37); PET1-220, PET2-220 (IEC317-7); PET1-240, PET2-240 (IEC317-46); PEIA-180 (IEC 317 -15); PEDA-180(IEC317-24); PEDA-200, PEEI1-D200A, PEEI2-D200A (IEC 317-25).
For request of the customer, can be given the enameled wires with additional technical characteristics and although enameled wires of the other types.

Winding round and rectangular wires, types are PB and PMB are produced from copper single-wire conducting core, covered by insulation from cable paper.
They are designed for production of the winding of the electric machines and apparatus.
Range of diameters 1,50-5,20 mm.

The phone cords , type STPL are produced with two cores, three cores and four cores, with one or two rubber bushes and without ones.
They are designed for operation in phone apparatus and other devices in temperature range -30?C – +50?C, tropical version +1?C- +55?C.