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We offer high service and favourable conditions of cooperation

pl548426-solid_copper_clad_aluminum_wire_0_68mm_tcca_for_led_pinHigh quality. Wiring products, which we offer, possess such characteristics, as work at high temperature, durability, flexibility, firmness to pressure differences. It guarantees long service life of the product. Our basic production is certificated.

provodaWorthy choice. You can buy our enameled wires, uninsulated aluminum wires and winding wires. The wiring products are stored in the warehouse or can be made under the order.

emalprovodDemocratic prices. We establish comprehensible prices as factory manufacturer. For constant clients and at large orders the system of discounts operates.

???????? ????Operative deliveries. We guarantee strict performance of all treaty obligations that is evidenced by more than 50 years of successful work.